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Our Credentials

Our Credentials

Our Credentials

Trauma Centre of Australia is recognised as a leader in dedicated trauma response. Unlike other service providers, we deal wholly with trauma and critical incident response, and are committed towards the delivery of the core business.

To ensure that Trauma Centre of Australia is meeting a Best Practice Trauma Service we have initiated a compliance from the guidelines of the Safety Institute, as reported in the Safety Institute Journal, 1998, p28-29.

Trauma Centre of Australia Complies to the Following Audit:

  • We provide advice on critical incident response policy and procedure.
  • We provide immediate trauma debrief: by telephone and / or on-site.
  • We provide individual follow-up counselling the day after.
  • We provide individual monitoring and treatment as required.
  • We provide advice to management on how to effectively manage group / individual recovery.
  • We provide liaison with treating practitioners, insurance companies, etc.
  • We provide written reports to organisations.