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Services We Offer

EAP- Employee Assistance Program

EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program. Organisations typically introduce Employee Assistance Programs because of three reasons:

  • The programs form part of an overall Work, Health, and Safety culture
  • The organisation recognises that the mental health of their employees is important to performance and workforce productivity.
  • The program is seen as a benefit to staff aiding in the retention and recruitment of high-quality personnel.

There are different types of EAP services available. To find out more, please contact us.


The Trauma Centre of Australia offers online and face-to-face counselling and psychology services. Our staff can assist with a range of issues including anxiety and depression, addiction, anger management, PTSD, as well as grief and loss. To book an appointment, contact or phone (03) 9205 9488

Critical Incident Response

The Trauma Centre of Australia offers emergency critical incident response with our business clients based throughout Australia. In the event of a traumatic event occurring in the workplace, our Psychologists will be on-site to assist in the recovery process.